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Eucalyptus Tree Removal & Trimming in Melbourne

Eucalyptus trees are beautiful to behold and massive shade providers. However, their quick growth combined with their towering height mean that they do require more consideration than your average tree.

Eucalyptus regnans (also known as the mountain ash or swamp gum) can grow as tall as 100 metres, holding the record for the tallest flowering plant on the planet. While this is by no means the common case for all eucalyptus trees, the fact remains that they tend to be more difficult and more expensive to deal with than other trees growing in your yard.

In this post, Milone’s Tree Solutions wants to offer our professional opinion on all things related to eucalyptus tree removal and trimming. Our hope is that this in-depth guide will help you make an informed decision about the best way to care for your eucalyptus.




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Benefits of Eucalyptus Tree Trimming

Just because they can grow really tall doesn’t mean that every eucalyptus tree needs to be removed. They are an iconic Australian native, after all. Here are four benefits of trimming eucalyptus trees to control their growth instead of removing them outright.

Prevent falling branches. If branches are weakening due to age, damage or disease, regular tree maintenance helps take care of them before they fall on your property. While falling branches are sometimes just the eucalyptus self-pruning, often they are a sign of a wider fungal disease that might indicate the need for tree removal. A professional inspection will help you determine the health of your tree.

Discourage overgrowth. Eucalyptus, like many trees, will sprout offshoots in an attempt to propagate. Often, they will shoot up straight from the tree’s roots and through your grass. These tiny plants are usually best taken care of when they are young so that they don’t overtake your lawn with unwanted tree growth.

Promote tree health. Pruning and trimming branches is an important part of residential tree ownership. Strategic removal and cutting of the tree allows you to control its height, shape and shade. Furthermore, it allows you to deal with deadwood before it has the chance to breed fungal growth.

Improve aesthetics. Maintaining the look of your yard goes beyond just keeping the lawn mowed. As eucalyptus trees age, branches will naturally grow wild and uneven. Trimming them is an easy way to beautify your yard and keep it looking fresh and well-kept.


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Will a trimmed eucalyptus grow back?

Overtrimming can definitely damage a tree. If too many branches are removed, the trunk may get overexposed to sunlight, which could be a death sentence for a tree. Another consideration is the best time for trimming. If a eucalyptus is trimmed in high humidity, the excess moisture could promote fungus. Similarly, branches shouldn’t be pruned in the winter because the trees are dormant and won’t promote new growth.

However, eucalyptus usually respond quite well to pruning when it is done right. In fact, there is a method often employed by professional arborists known as coppicing. Coppicing is used to keep the eucalyptus’ height low so that it can be grown more like a shrub than a tree.

If you are letting the eucalyptus grow to full tree height, you can still have it regularly trimmed to help better control the shape of the canopy and avoid overgrowth. As long as this is done by a professional, trimming shouldn’t damage the tree at all.



Eucalyptus tree removal melbourne


Can eucalyptus trees be cut down?

Yes! Just like any tree, eucalyptus can be removed when necessary. However, because of their immense height, it is definitely not a do-it-yourself job. A Melbourne eucalyptus tree removal specialist will have the equipment, training and manpower to get the job done safely—without injury or property damage.

A planning permit is usually needed to remove, destroy, or lop native vegetation however, there are some exemptions from this requirement. –

Is my eucalyptus tree dead?

So how do you know if you need professional eucalyptus tree removal? Beyond just wanting to get rid of it for aesthetic or practical reasons, here are a few signs that you need to prioritise cutting down a eucalyptus:

  • Too much leaning. A leaning tree is a weak tree. While many trees may have a slight lean to them, they should still generally grow in a vertical direction. A persistent lean of 15 degrees or more is worth getting checked out.
  • Trunk damage. Large cracks in the trunk need to be inspected ASAP. The last thing you want is that 60 metre gum tree splitting down the middle unexpectedly.
  • Excessive dead branches. The occasional fallen deadwood is to be expected. Several branches falling every month all year round is a sign of a dying tree.
  • Unhealthy leaf behaviour. Gum tree leaves are supposed to brown and fall off throughout autumn and winter. If too many of yours are dying in the warm months, it could be a symptom of a larger issue that needs diagnosing.

For more information about how to tell if a tree is dead, be sure to check out our Complete Dead Tree Removal Guide. If you are on the fence about getting a tree taken down, this guide will also warn you of some of the dangers of letting a dying tree hang around your yard for too long.


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Other reasons to remove a eucalyptus

Even if a tree isn’t dead, there are a few other reasons that your eucalyptus may need to come down:

  • Root overgrowth. Eucalyptus roots can reach up to 30 metres from the trunk. If left uncontrolled, they could damage your sewer or water lines, or even grow into your foundation.
  • The bark of the eucalyptus tree, as well as the oils they exude, are surprisingly flammable. If you live in an area prone to bushfires, cutting back eucalyptus may help protect your property.
  • When a eucalyptus gets too overgrown, it can shade out smaller plants, depriving them of much needed sunlight. This can be a minor problem if you are trying to grow a garden or plant a flower bed, for example. However, the problem may be much larger if your trees are starting to overshadow your neighbors’ lawn.


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To avoid a penalty, apply for a permit to remove native plants –


How do I get rid of a eucalyptus tree?

As we mentioned above, you shouldn’t attempt to remove a eucalyptus on your own (unless it’s just a little shrub). Full grown eucalyptus are large, heavy and notoriously difficult to cut down.

Depending on the size and location of your tree, a professional will employ different methods. A tree standing far from any property in an open field, for example, could be felled to the ground before being chainsawed into pieces and hauled away or mulched. If your eucalyptus is growing near your house, however, it will need to be carefully cut piece by piece by a professional equipped to work safely on a raised platform.

Will a eucalyptus tree stump grow back?

Yes! While most trees will die when reduced to a stump, eucalyptus are surprisingly resilient. A healthy tree cut down to the stump could grow back a full six feet within the year. Worse, that single stump might even sprout multiple trunks, which can prove quite difficult to manage.

This is another reason that we only recommend letting a licensed professional handle your eucalyptus removal. It almost always involves removing the stump, and the risks of DIY stump removal are not worth your trouble.


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How much does eucalyptus tree removal cost?

We aren’t gonna sugar coat it: eucalyptus tree removal is expensive. That’s one reason we recommend always having your tree evaluated by an expert to decide if you really need it removed. Often,eucalyptus tree trimming and strategic pruning are effective enough to achieve your goals.

But if you do need your tree cut down, you can expect the following rough numbers:

  • The average cost is just under $3,500.
  • The typical price range is about $1,200 to $6,000.

The biggest factor affecting the cost is the size of the tree. After that, you have to consider site access and the complexity of the job. Felling a tree in an empty field is going to be less intensive than taking down one that is smack in-between your house and your neighbor’s.

The best way to get an accurate number, though, is to have one of our Melbourne tree removal experts come out and give you a quote. No obligation, no pressure.


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Council is not responsible for trees and vegetation on private properties –


Call on Milone’s for professional eucalyptus tree trimming and removal!

Milone’s Tree and Lawn Solutions is fully licensed and insured to care for your eucalyptus trees. We have a certified arborist on staff, and we pride ourselves on building our own team of in-house employees. No jobs are subcontracted!

Whether you have a gum tree that needs to go now or you are just exploring your options, Milone’s is here for you. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about the best way to care for your yard within your budget.

Get in touch today to learn how Milone’s can help!

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