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Melton City Council Tree Removal

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Melton City Council Tree Removal Experts

Melton City Council is a vibrant community that places a high premium on the safety and aesthetics of its surroundings. Trees play a vital role in the local environment, offering ecological & aesthetics advantages and enhancing the visual appeal of the region. However, there are occasions when tree trimming or removal becomes necessary to ensure the safety of our community. When faced with such situations, Melton City Council residents can confidently turn to Milone’s Tree and Lawn Solutions.

Milone’s Tree and Lawn Solutions is a local family-owned business with a wealth of experience in tree care and maintenance. Our team of specialists is equipped with cutting-edge tools and possesses the knowledge needed to effectively address a wide range of tree-related challenges. Recognising the significance of proper tree care, we are wholeheartedly committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients, whether it is residential, commercial, or a council.

Residing within the jurisdiction of Melton City Council brings several benefits when engaging Milone’s Tree and Lawn Solutions. Firstly, our experts can assess trees on council property to identify potential hazards. Secondly, we offer informed guidance on the most suitable course of action, whether it entails tree trimming or removal. Lastly, we execute tasks efficiently and safely, causing minimal disruption to the community.

Milone’s Tree Solutions operates as a fully insured business, giving Melton City Council residents the peace of mind knowing that any potential risk will be properly covered. Our dedication to safety and the track record of excellent customer service & reviews makes us a dependable choice for any tree-related requirements within the community.

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Fully Insured

Milone’s provides full insurance coverage, ensuring peace of mind and protection to Melton City Council residents for all their tree trimming and removal requirements.


With years of experience, Milone’s ensures proficient and top-notch tree services to meet the requirements of Melton City Council residents.

Minimal Disruptions

Milone’s provides proficient tree services with minimum disruptions, guaranteeing a trouble-free experience for their customers in Melton City Council.

24/7 Emergency Callout

Our 24/7 emergency callout service guarantees timely and dependable tree services to address urgent requirements.

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What we can do for Melton City Council Tree Removal

One Business For All Your Tree Removal Needs

Milone’s Tree and Lawn Solutions is a dependable provider of comprehensive tree removal services for the residents of Melton City Council. With a team of highly skilled arborists boasting over 25 years of experience, we possess expertise in removing trees of all sizes and locations, even those situated in tight spaces or near power lines.

Residents of Melton City Council can have confidence in Milone’s Tree Solutions, as we prioritise minimising disruptions during the tree removal process. This approach ensures the safety of the surrounding area and infrastructure. Additionally, our 24/7 emergency callout services are readily available to swiftly respond to urgent situations such as storm damage or fallen trees.

We also operate as a fully insured entity, providing peace of mind and liability coverage for any potential issues that may arise during the tree removal process. Our team employs advanced equipment and adheres to industry best practices, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of every tree removal project.

We are a reliable and professional choice for Melton City Council residents seeking tree removal services. The extensive experience, commitment to safety and minimising disruptions, along with round-the-clock emergency services, make us the ideal partner for any tree removal project.

Melton City Council Tree Removal

Suburbs Include

3338 Brookfield

3023 Burnside

3023 Caroline Springs

3427 Diggers Rest

3338 Exford

3338 Eynesbury

3037 Hillside

3337 Kurunjang

3337 Melton

3338 Melton South

3024 Mount Cottrell

3340 Parwan

3335 Plumpton

3023 Ravenhall

3335 Rockbank

3037 Taylors Hill

3337 Toolern Vale

3029 Truganina

Melton City Council Tree Works Permits

A permit may be necessary for tree lopping and removal on private property within the Melton City Council area for various reasons, including the following:

  1. The Tree Protection Overlay.
  2. Environmental Significance Overlay.
  3. Significant Landscape Overlay.
  4. Vegetation Protection.
  5. Planning history associated with the property.

When a property is indicated on the planning maps, an Overlay is established as a regulatory measure. The specific Overlay in effect dictates the requirements for tree protection. These requirements may involve preserving significant trees, native trees, trees of specific sizes, or a combination of these criteria.

To access information about the planning Overlays that pertain to a specific property within Melton City Council, you can utilise the Victorian Government department’s Landata website, which offers address-based searching. However, it is essential to obtain a Planning Property Report to thoroughly examine the Overlay details.

Furthermore, it is crucial to consider that the property’s planning history may influence the necessity of obtaining a planning permit for tree-related work. This can be influenced by factors such as the conditions of previously issued planning permits or approved plans linked to permits that specify the preservation and protection of trees. If there is any uncertainty regarding the planning requirements for tree work, it is advisable to reach out to Melton City Council for further guidance and clarification.

Frequently Asked Tree Removal Questions

The duration of tree removal can vary significantly based on several factors. The size and type of the tree, its location, and the complexity of the job all influence the time required. For a small to medium-sized tree in an accessible location, the removal process may take a few hours. However, for larger trees or those in challenging locations, it may take a day or more. It’s best to give our friendly team a call on 0426 204 514 to find out a time estimate for your specific tree removal project

Absolutely, we offer tree stump removal as part of our comprehensive tree removal services. Our team utilises specialised equipment to grind down and remove tree stumps efficiently. Stump removal not only enhances the aesthetics of your property but also prevents potential hazards and allows for future landscaping.

Prior to our arrival, we would appreciate it if all vehicles can be removed from any immediate accessible areas i.e driveways, car ports which may be utilised by us during tree removal.

If you are only having stumps ground or removed and they are located at the backyard, it is imperative to ensure that the access point from the front to the back is clear for our stump grinder to pass through.

Yes, we value clear communication with our clients. Charlie will send you a text message when he and the team are on their way.

It’s considerate to inform your neighbors about upcoming tree removal, especially if the tree in question is close to property lines or may affect their view. While it may not be a legal requirement in all areas, open communication can help maintain positive neighbourly relations and prevent any surprises or concerns. This may also be important if you need them to move any of their cars to assist us in accessing your property.

If you choose only to have the tree cut to ground level, we recommend a poisoning regime afterwards. We suggest using “Roundup Super 570”.

Roundup Super 570 for Tree Stump Poisoning

Disclaimer: Please read and follow the manufactures instructions and material safety data sheet, as when using any product. We accept no liability incorrect use, mishandling or not following the manufacturers instructions.

Professional tree removal services typically use a variety of equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees. Some of the equipment that may be used includes:

  • Chainsaws: used to cut and remove branches and trunk sections
  • Wood chippers: used to chip and shred branches and brush into smaller pieces
  • Elevated Work Platforms or bucket trucks: used to access and remove taller trees
  • Stump grinders: used to grind down and remove tree stumps

The specific equipment used will depend on the size and location of the tree, as well as any obstacles or hazards present.

After a tree has been removed, our team will typically dispose of the tree debris in one of several ways.

Our most common approach is chip the debris on-site using our wood chipper. The chips can then be used as mulch or we dispose of it as green waste.

Another option is use Melton City Council’s waste management centres where we will dispose of your tree debris at one of these local centres.

It is important to note that sometimes different councils have different regulations and requirements for tree debris disposal. Our professionals will be aware of the local regulations and will ensure that the debris is disposed of in compliance with the local council regulations.

In some cases, we may also leave the tree debris on site, if the debris is small and manageable and the client request for us to leave it.

It’s always best to request a quote online and have a chat with our friendly team regarding the disposal of the debris, we can provide the best solution to your specific situation.

Still Have Questions?

If you can’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ’s above, you can always contact us and we’ll respond asap.

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