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Trees are one of Melbourne’s west hidden gems. Not only do they provide shade during our hot summers, but also give us clean air. To maintain the balance between urban life and nature, tree lopping is sometimes required. This practice, when executed properly, can enhance the health, safety and aesthetics of our suburbs. Milones Tree Solutions, backed by a wealth of experience, knowledge and necessary equipment, is currently in the area for tree lopping services. By shaping trees and removing hazardous branches, Milone Tree Solutions contributes to creating visually pleasing and safe environments.

We selectively remove branches and foliage from the upper canopy or the entire top section of a tree, whether it is for safety, aesthetics, health, light or airflow, tree lopping is a delicate task that requires expertise, precision and an understanding of the diverse tree species. Milones Tree Solutions is well equipped for all tree services, including Stump grinding & removal, tree removal, tree trimming, tree canopy lifting, tree crown reduction, formative pruning services and more!

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3 Reasons For Tree Lopping


Tree lopping is typically done to remove hazardous branches that pose a threat to people, property or utility lines and provide further safety during storms.

Light & Airflow

Tree lopping allows for increased sunlight penetration and improves airflow through the canopy, which benefits both the tree and surrounding landscape.


Lopped trees can be sculpted to fit specific design preferences to enhance the tree’s appearance, shape, and overall aesthetics of your property.

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Servicing the Geelong, Northern & Western Suburbs, we provide Tree lopping services to Werribee, Craigieburn, Port Melbourne, Ivanhoe and everywhere in between.

Why you can trust Milone's Tree Lopping Werribee & Geelong Services

One of our standout qualities besides our experience and skillset, is our understanding of local regulations, climate, soil conditions and tree species. This allows us to provide tailored tree lopping solutions that are perfectly aligned with Melbourne’s unique needs. We always ensure all our tree lopping work complies with legal requirements, this means you can trust that our work is not only expertly executed, but also follows the rules. The entire process is also stress-free, as we are fully insured in the event of any mishap. You can rest assured we take full responsibility and fix the problem as soon as possible – often aiming for a same day repair.

Milones Tree Solutions takes no shortcuts, safety is non negotiable. When it comes to tree care, safety is our middle name. We follow strict safety protocols to protect our team, as well as your property and neighbourhood, because your peace of mind is also one of our top priorities. Equipped with only the best arborist equipment, compliance with regulations and a list of comprehensive tree services, we are a trustworthy partner for your trees. You’re not just getting experts, you’re getting tree lovers who care about your trees as much as you do.

Frequently Asked Tree Lopping Questions

Tree lopping, also known as tree topping, is a tree pruning technique that involves the removal of branches and foliage from the upper canopy or the entire top section of a tree. It is usually done to reduce the tree’s height or size, reshape the canopy, or address specific issues related to the tree’s health, safety, or aesthetics.

While both tree lopping and tree pruning involve the removal of tree branches, they serve different purposes. Tree lopping is a more aggressive form of pruning that often involves removing a significant portion of the tree’s canopy. In contrast, tree pruning encompasses various techniques aimed at maintaining the tree’s health, safety, and appearance. Tree pruning may include removing dead or diseased branches, shaping the canopy, or promoting new growth.

Tree lopping may be necessary for several reasons. Firstly, it can address safety concerns by reducing the risk of falling branches that may pose a danger to people or property, especially during storms or due to branch decay. Secondly, it can improve the tree’s aesthetics by shaping the canopy or removing overgrown branches. Additionally, tree lopping can increase sunlight penetration through the canopy, benefiting both the tree and the surrounding landscape.

The ideal time for tree lopping in Melbourne is during the tree’s dormant season, which typically occurs in late winter or early spring. During this period, the tree is less stressed, and the risk of disease transmission is reduced. However, tree lopping can be performed year-round if safety or health concerns require immediate attention.

Tree lopping is a complex task that requires expertise, proper training, and specialised equipment. While some basic pruning can be done by homeowners, tree lopping is best left to certified arborists or experienced tree care professionals. Professionals have the knowledge to assess the tree’s condition, make appropriate cuts, and ensure the work is carried out safely and effectively.

The cost of tree lopping in Melbourne can vary widely depending on several factors. These factors include the size and species of the tree, the complexity of the job, accessibility to the tree, and any additional services required, such as stump removal. It’s advisable contact us so we can come and have a look to get a better understanding of the specific costs associated with your tree lopping project.

When performed correctly and for valid reasons, tree lopping can be beneficial for trees. It can help reduce the risk of branch failure, improve the tree’s structural integrity, and enhance safety. However, improper tree lopping, such as excessive or unbalanced cutting, can harm trees by causing stress, decay, and weakened structural integrity. Therefore, it is crucial to hire experienced professionals who adhere to industry best practices when performing tree lopping.

Tree lopping can have both positive and negative effects on a tree’s health, depending on how it is carried out. Properly executed tree lopping can reduce the weight and strain on weak or damaged branches, promoting overall tree health and stability. It can also stimulate new growth in the canopy, leading to a healthier and more vibrant tree. However, improper or excessive lopping can harm a tree’s health by causing stress, introducing disease, or disrupting its natural growth patterns. To ensure the best outcome for your tree’s health, it’s essential to understand the species-specific requirements and follow industry best practices when performing lopping, which is what Milones Tree Solutions always does!

Yes, tree lopping can be integrated into a comprehensive tree care plan that includes other services like pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, and pest management. Combining tree lopping with these services allows for a holistic approach to tree health and safety. For example, if a tree requires lopping to remove overgrown branches, it may also benefit from pruning to address dead or diseased limbs. Additionally, pest management can help protect the tree from harmful insects or diseases that may compromise its health. We can assess your tree’s specific needs and recommend a tailored tree care plan that may involve multiple services.

Yes, there are regulations and permits related to tree lopping in Melbourne, which can vary depending on your location and the specific circumstances of the job. Local councils may have tree protection laws and regulations in place to safeguard significant or heritage trees. Before engaging in tree lopping, we will always check with the local council or authorities to determine if you need permits or if there are any restrictions on the pruning of certain tree species.

Tree lopping, when done correctly and for valid reasons, can offer several benefits. It can enhance the safety of your property by reducing the risk of falling branches during storms or high winds. Additionally, tree lopping can improve the aesthetics of your landscape, allowing for better sunlight penetration and healthier undergrowth. However, it’s essential to be aware of potential risks, such as improper cuts that may lead to tree stress, decay, or unstable growth patterns. To maximise the benefits and minimise risks, it’s crucial to hire qualified professionals with the expertise to assess your tree’s specific needs and perform lopping safely and effectively, and that’s where we come in. With well over 100 positive reviews on Google, we know a thing or two about trees.

Still Have Questions?

If you can’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ’s above, you can always contact us and we’ll respond asap.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is, we always show up on time.

We treat your trees and garden as if it were our own.

We will consult you along the way to make sure we’re on the same page.

If something unexpected happens when we are tree trimming, we take full responsibility and fix the problem as soon as possible – often aiming for a same day repair.

Full Benefits of Tree Lopping

tree safety


Tree lopping reduces the risk of falling branches, especially during storms or when branches become weakened or diseased. This enhances safety for people, property, and nearby structures.

aesthetics tree

Enhanced Aesthetics

Tree lopping can improve the visual appeal of your landscape by shaping the canopy and removing overgrown or unsightly branches. This results in a more attractive and well-maintained appearance for your trees and overall property.

healthy tree melbourne

Healthier Tree Growth

Lopping can stimulate new growth within the tree’s canopy, promoting a healthier and more vigorous tree. By removing diseased or damaged branches, the tree can allocate its resources more effectively to support new growth and overall well-being.

increased sunlight and airflow

Increased Sunlight & Airflow

By reducing the density of the canopy, tree lopping allows more sunlight to penetrate through the branches and reach the ground. This is beneficial not only for the tree but also for the plants and grass below, creating a healthier ecosystem within your property.

Proper branch Spacing

Structural Integrity

Properly executed tree lopping can improve the structural integrity of the tree. It reduces the weight of heavy or poorly positioned branches, decreasing the risk of structural failure and making the tree more stable and resistant to wind and storms.

Tree Formative Pruning Damage and Disease Control

Disease and Pest Management

Tree lopping can aid in the early detection and management of diseases or pest infestations. By removing affected branches, you can prevent the spread of diseases and increase the tree’s chances of recovery, ultimately extending its lifespan.

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