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Tree Crown Reduction Werribee & Geelong

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Tree Crown Reduction Melbourne


Taking care of Melbourne’s trees is important. It helps keep suburbs attractive, it keeps us safe, makes our neighbourhoods prettier and helps the environment. Tree crown reduction is a part of this, and Milones Tree Solutions is the expert for the job. With our knowledge, experience, right equipment and love for the environment, we can keep the suburbs green and safe for years to come. When you choose Milones Tree Solutions, you are making sure your trees get the best care possible, keeping your tree healthy and your yards more beautiful. Trust us for all your tree care needs.

Some benefits of Tree Crown Reduction, besides some of the points mentioned earlier, is making the tree even. Sometimes trees grow lopsided, with too many branches on one side, which in turn will make them wobble in the wind and also poses a safety risk for you and everyone around it. Tree crown reduction makes them even again. Other benefits of this service include making the environment around the tree safer, making the tree stronger and of course it makes your property look good! Essentially a tree crown reduction eliminates all of the potential problems a tree might give you, making your yard safer for you and your family. We also offer Stump grinding & removal, and tree removal services.

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3 Reasons For Tree Crown Reduction


Tree crown reduction makes trees look better as well as your property. It brings back the natural shape of the tree and the evenness makes them prettier.


Trees can drop big branches, especially in bad weather. Trimming with crown reduction makes trees safer for you, your homes and your cars.

Balanced Canopy

Overtime, some trees grow too big on one side, making them unbalanced and dangerous. Crown reduction helps fix this by making the tree even.

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Servicing the Geelong, Northern & Western Suburbs, we provide Tree crown reduction services to Werribee, Craigieburn, Port Melbourne, Ivanhoe and everywhere in between.

Why you can trust Milone's Tree Crown Reduction Werribee & Geelong Services

When it comes to ensuring the health, safety and beauty of Melbourne’s west trees, we stand out from the crowd. Besides our reviews we have a team of seasoned arborists who possess in-depth understanding of the unique tree species that thrive in our suburbs, and with years of hands-on experience and certifications, we know precisely what each tree needs to thrive. Knowledge and experience isn’t enough – tree crown reduction requires specialised equipment, and Milones Tree Solutions invests in state-of-the-art tools and machinery to ensure the job is done efficiently, safely and with precision.

Other benefits of choosing us over the competition is we actually love what we do – so we do it with passion, whilst being committed to environmental conservation, making sure to follow responsible practices and proper disposal of debris, to minimise the impact on the local ecosystem. Beyond tree crown reduction, we also offer a comprehensive range of tree care services, including pruning, tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and more! and having worked extensively with various city councils, we have a deep understanding of the local climate, regulations, soil conditions and tree species, which in turn allows us to tailor our tree care solutions to the specific needs of the area.

Frequently Asked Tree Crown Reduction Questions

Tree crown reduction is a pruning technique that involves selectively removing branches to reduce the height and spread of a tree’s crown, restoring balance and safety. It’s best to give our friendly team a call on 0426 204 514 to discuss your specific tree crown reduction needs for an estimate specific to your project.

It’s necessary to maintain tree health, enhance safety, improve aesthetics, and prevent overextension of branches into nearby structures or power lines.

The ideal time is during the dormant season, typically in late fall or winter, to minimise stress on the tree. However, it can be done year-round if necessary.

When performed correctly by trained professionals, crown reduction should not harm the tree. In fact, it often improves its health and longevity.

The extent of reduction varies depending on the tree’s species, size, and condition. Request a free quote and we will come to you to determine the appropriate amount based on these factors, or alternatively you could send us photos.

Crown reduction enhances safety by reducing the risk of falling branches, promotes tree health, restores balanced growth, and improves the tree’s aesthetic appearance.

Crown reduction requires specialised knowledge, equipment, and safety measures. It is best left to certified arborists or tree care professionals, as it can lead to damage to you and your property.

The frequency depends on the tree’s growth rate and its specific needs. Generally, it may be required every 3 to 5 years for many tree species.

Regulations regarding tree pruning can vary by location. In some cases, permits may be required, especially if the tree is protected or near property boundaries. We will always check with local authorities before undertaking the project.

Crown reduction can help alleviate stress on a tree and improve its health, but it may not save a severely damaged, dead or diseased tree. We can assess the tree’s condition and recommend the best course of action.

Crown reduction is generally suitable for many tree species, but some may respond better than others. Consult with us to determine the suitability for a particular tree species.

Still Have Questions?

If you can’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ’s above, you can always contact us and we’ll respond asap.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is, we always show up on time.

We treat your trees and garden as if it were our own.

We will consult you along the way to make sure we’re on the same page.

If something unexpected happens when we are tree trimming, we take full responsibility and fix the problem as soon as possible – often aiming for a same day repair.

Full Benefits of Tree Crown Reduction



Uncontrolled tree growth can pose safety risks, particularly in urban regions with foot traffic and nearby structures. Crown reduction minimises the hazard of branch breakage, safeguarding your family, individuals and property against possible accidents and harm.

new tree

Nurtures Revival

Crown reduction comprises of purposeful pruning techniques that stimulate fresh growth within the inner branches. This fosters a harmonious and enduring tree canopy while preserving the tree’s overall dimensions and form. Trees that are robust and properly cared for enhance environmental sustainability and resilience.

Area Control

Area Control

Trees occasionally exceed their allotted space, whether it’s in your front yard, backyard, or nature strip, resulting in conflicts with power lines, buildings, and other structures. Crown reduction enables trees to peacefully coexist with their environment, nullifying the necessity for extensive tree removals.

Tree Stability

Tree Stability

Trees with branches that are overly extended or lacking in strength are vulnerable to structural failure, particularly in unfavorable weather conditions. Crown reduction serves to eliminate bulky or diseased branches, mitigating the likelihood of breakage and subsequently reducing associated hazards.

Tree Canopy Visual Charm

Visual Charm

Excessively grown tree canopies create a untamed appearance and diminish the overall visual attractiveness of a property. Through crown reduction, you can sculpt the trees and elevate their visual allure.

Tree Condition

Tree Condition

Overgrown crowns with thick foliage can restrict sunlight and airflow, resulting in diminished well-being. Crown reduction permits increased light and air infiltration into the inner branches, encouraging growth and enhancing the overall health and vitality of the tree.

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